Rayna & Rylan | Edmonton Newborn Twin Photographer

Twin girls!  I could hardly contain my excitement when Thuc first contacted me.  These gorgeous girls, were such incredible angels to work with.  I found it so incredibly amusing how when I met them, even at 6 weeks old, they were determined to be different and show their own personality.  While one would eat the other would sleep, and then vis vera.  One thing is definite for sure, it is going to be a busy household as Rayna and Rylan grow up!

For Thuc and Eddie, their twin girls have been a long awaited gift.   I felt honored, and incredibly privileged to be able to capture the four of them together.  Congratulations, and I wish you all the best!   

IMG_8946 (2) copy.jpg

IMG_8815 copy.jpg

IMG_8861 copy.jpg

IMG_8878 copy.jpg

IMG_8916 copy.jpg

 IMG_8923 copy.jpg

IMG_8982 copy.jpg


IMG_8998 copy.jpg

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