Ximena | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

31 Weeks pregnant.  Only a few more weeks to go until, this beautiful Mommy gets to hold her new baby girl.  I can hardly wait to meet her myself.

Thank you, Ximena for being so brave and trekking through the mountains of Edmonton snow with me, for this maternity session.


ximena4.jpg ximena6.jpg ximena1.jpgximena4.jpg ximena3.jpg ximena2.jpg

Baby Jacob | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

This precious little man, is the newest member of our extended family!  Jacob, is the beautiful son of my Husband’s cousin and wife.  We were all anxiously waiting for his arrival around the holidays, but he had his own schedule and decided to be fashionably late.  He was definitely worth the wait, and was such a dream.

Congratulations Sabu and Danette on your beautiful new addition!

jacob2.jpgjacob3.jpgjacob7.jpgjacob  001.jpgjacob redo_.jpg jacob5.jpg jacob1.jpg

Year In Review

As the year draws to a close, I have enjoyed spending sometime, reflecting on the sessions I’ve done over the the past year.  I cannot help but smile as I sort through memories I have been able to preserve, and as I remember the clients, old and new, I have had the opportunity to work with.  I want to thank each and everyone of my wonderful clients, as well as all of my friends and family for such a wonderful 2010!  It has been so amazing to be able to pursue doing what I love, and I feel so blessed.  As 2011 draws near, I am so incredibly excited for what is to come!

Thank you once again, and I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! 2010c.jpg2010b.jpg

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Baby Tobias | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Who could ask for a more perfect Christmas present, than a new baby! All afternoon, Tobias was a little angel, and an expert in front of the camera.  There was little doubt though that he would be, especially since his mommy, Rachel  Johnson, is such an amazing photographer too!  Thank you both for the wonderful afternoon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Upload from September 15, 2011

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Upload from September 15, 2011 Upload from September 15, 2011 IMG_1294 copy.jpg

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Baby Emma | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Meet sweet, little newborn baby Emma. Her hair, her lips, her tiny fingers….isn’t she just adorable?  She had me smiling all afternoon.  Not only was she super cute, but at seven days new, she was an incredibly wonderful little model.

emma1.jpg emma4.jpg emma5.jpg emma2.jpg emma3.jpg

Casting Call | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Despite the bitter cold and snow this past weekend, I made the journey to Red Deer to attend the Baby Vogue Workshop.  It was such an amazing opportunity to meet with others, and to learn from the incredibly talented Jillian and Stephanie!

I am full of fresh ideas, and looking to try out some of the new techniques I learned on the weekend, so I am holding a Newborn Casting Call!  Newborn models must be within 5 to 10 days of age at the time of the shoot.  A signed model release is require, and those who participate will receive a complimentary session, as well as two digital files (regular pricing applies for the purchase of additional items). 

If you are due within the next month or two contact me as soon as possible, so that we can schedule you in!  Please feel free to pass this on to friends and family who you think might be interested. 

Here are a few of the images I captured on the weekend from the workshop, enjoy!

 IMG_1037 copy.jpg

IMG_1028 copy.jpg IMG_1010 copy.jpg IMG_0902 copy.jpg IMG_1065 copy.jpg IMG_0872 copy.jpg IMG_0848 copy.jpg


The Sauve Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

 The crispy nip on the morning air, the last hints of colour on the trees, and most importantly no snow.  It was pretty much ideal conditions, especially for the last week of October in Edmonton.  Then add this wonderful, fun-loving family and you really couldn’t ask for anything more! 

It is capturing memories like these, and witnessing the joy and love in a family, that reminds me how much I love being a family photographer!

sauve sneak peak.jpgIMG_0825 copy.jpgIMG_0800 copy.jpgIMG_0886 copy.jpgIMG_0892 copy.jpgIMG_0899 copy.jpgIMG_0919 copy.jpgIMG_0902.jpg IMG_0959 copy.jpg

Bridal Bash | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

For most brides, past and present, countless hours were probably spent carefully selecting ‘the dress’.  With great pride we wear them, as we walk down the aisle on our wedding day.  After that it may be nicely cleaned and tenderly packed away, or it may be like mine, and pushed to the back corner of your closet still slightly soiled. 

What happens next? 

How about another night of fun and dancing in your dress…with 40 other brides all at the same time!  That is exactly what happened at Bridal Bash 2010!  The evening, organized by Mel Kaban, featured portraits for all of the beautiful brides, and music by Escapade Entertainment.  It was an incredible success, and found the brides dancing into the wee hours of the morning.   I am sure without a doubt this will be the first of many :)

 IMG_9984 copy.jpg

IMG_0097 copy.jpg IMG_0094 copy.jpg IMG_0232 copy.jpg IMG_0084.jpg IMG_0166 copy.jpg IMG_0168 copy.jpg IMG_0143 copy.jpg

Mussbacher Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

I don’t remember having such a gorgeous, and warm fall in so long!  It has been an absolute dream, espeically for fall portraits this year.  These recent newly weds, who are very dear to me, took advantage of it for some new family photos for their Christmas cards.  We started indoors, and spent some quality time with their fur baby, Nala.  I’m sure she would have enjoyed to opportunity to come and run around outside with us, but she was strictly forbibben, so we headed on without her.  It was such a wonderful evening, with amazing light!

ctj.jpgIMG_0386 copy.jpg IMG_0412 copy.jpg IMG_0427 copy.jpg IMG_0528 copy.jpg IMG_0533 copy.jpg mussbacher1.jpg IMG_0550 copy.jpg

Lilly & Lyndon | Edmonton Child Photographer

I spend a lot of time behind the camera, documenting my wonderful clients, and their families in and around the Edmonton area.  All too often though I forget to turn my camera on my own children.  Except of course when the are fresh out of bed, and relaxing in their pjs ;).  To make up, in the fall, I round them up, and we head out for a photography session for their very own!  It was quite the adventure, with two very mobile and very energetic children.  Our fun filled afternoon was filled with laughter, a game of chase and Timbits!

I LOVE what we captured! One of the perks of being a family photographer I guess ;). Oh, and let me tell you a little secret…these two each have me wrapped around their little finger!

IMG_9143 copy.jpg

IMG_9149 copy.jpg IMG_9185 copy.jpg IMG_9229 copy.jpg IMG_9163 copy.jpg IMG_9216 copy.jpg IMG_9252 copy.jpg IMG_9270 copy.jpg IMG_9280 copy.jpg