The Sauve Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

 The crispy nip on the morning air, the last hints of colour on the trees, and most importantly no snow.  It was pretty much ideal conditions, especially for the last week of October in Edmonton.  Then add this wonderful, fun-loving family and you really couldn’t ask for anything more! 

It is capturing memories like these, and witnessing the joy and love in a family, that reminds me how much I love being a family photographer!

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Bridal Bash | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

For most brides, past and present, countless hours were probably spent carefully selecting ‘the dress’.  With great pride we wear them, as we walk down the aisle on our wedding day.  After that it may be nicely cleaned and tenderly packed away, or it may be like mine, and pushed to the back corner of your closet still slightly soiled. 

What happens next? 

How about another night of fun and dancing in your dress…with 40 other brides all at the same time!  That is exactly what happened at Bridal Bash 2010!  The evening, organized by Mel Kaban, featured portraits for all of the beautiful brides, and music by Escapade Entertainment.  It was an incredible success, and found the brides dancing into the wee hours of the morning.   I am sure without a doubt this will be the first of many :)

 IMG_9984 copy.jpg

IMG_0097 copy.jpg IMG_0094 copy.jpg IMG_0232 copy.jpg IMG_0084.jpg IMG_0166 copy.jpg IMG_0168 copy.jpg IMG_0143 copy.jpg

Mussbacher Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

I don’t remember having such a gorgeous, and warm fall in so long!  It has been an absolute dream, espeically for fall portraits this year.  These recent newly weds, who are very dear to me, took advantage of it for some new family photos for their Christmas cards.  We started indoors, and spent some quality time with their fur baby, Nala.  I’m sure she would have enjoyed to opportunity to come and run around outside with us, but she was strictly forbibben, so we headed on without her.  It was such a wonderful evening, with amazing light!

ctj.jpgIMG_0386 copy.jpg IMG_0412 copy.jpg IMG_0427 copy.jpg IMG_0528 copy.jpg IMG_0533 copy.jpg mussbacher1.jpg IMG_0550 copy.jpg

Lilly & Lyndon | Edmonton Child Photographer

I spend a lot of time behind the camera, documenting my wonderful clients, and their families in and around the Edmonton area.  All too often though I forget to turn my camera on my own children.  Except of course when the are fresh out of bed, and relaxing in their pjs ;).  To make up, in the fall, I round them up, and we head out for a photography session for their very own!  It was quite the adventure, with two very mobile and very energetic children.  Our fun filled afternoon was filled with laughter, a game of chase and Timbits!

I LOVE what we captured! One of the perks of being a family photographer I guess ;). Oh, and let me tell you a little secret…these two each have me wrapped around their little finger!

IMG_9143 copy.jpg

IMG_9149 copy.jpg IMG_9185 copy.jpg IMG_9229 copy.jpg IMG_9163 copy.jpg IMG_9216 copy.jpg IMG_9252 copy.jpg IMG_9270 copy.jpg IMG_9280 copy.jpg

Rayna & Rylan | Edmonton Newborn Twin Photographer

Twin girls!  I could hardly contain my excitement when Thuc first contacted me.  These gorgeous girls, were such incredible angels to work with.  I found it so incredibly amusing how when I met them, even at 6 weeks old, they were determined to be different and show their own personality.  While one would eat the other would sleep, and then vis vera.  One thing is definite for sure, it is going to be a busy household as Rayna and Rylan grow up!

For Thuc and Eddie, their twin girls have been a long awaited gift.   I felt honored, and incredibly privileged to be able to capture the four of them together.  Congratulations, and I wish you all the best!   

IMG_8946 (2) copy.jpg

IMG_8815 copy.jpg

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 IMG_8923 copy.jpg

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Back To School Special!

My oldest daughter started grade one this past week.  It was I day that I knew was coming, but yet at the same time I was completely unprepared for emotionally.  Of course, she was so incredibly excited to go to school, and even to be ‘The new kid’ in her class.  I think I did pretty well too, as I only shed a couple of small tears, after we dropped her off ;) 

In order to to celebrate a new school year, a new school, and this new stage for our family, I have decided to have a Back To School Special!

back to school promo bloga.jpg

Custom designed Holiday Cards are also available with images from your session, in flat or folded styles.  All card styles include envelops, and come in packages of 25.  Prices begin at $50, please enquire for more details.

**The Fine Print:  Session must be booked by September 30th 2010 to qualify, and your non-refundable session fee must be received within one week of booking.  Sessions must be scheduled and occur before December 31st, 2010.  Print credit may only be applied to photographic prints and canvases, and excludes custom designed cards.

Baboneau Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

Elizabeth’s mom and I had briefly discussed doing family portraits in the fall, but the minute I saw the canola fields in bloom I knew there was no way we could wait!  You see Elizabeth’s favorite colour is yellow, and she is quite passionate about it.  It seemed too perfect of an opportunity to pass up!  Luckily, everything seemed to fall into place, and we were able to arrange a get together pretty last minute.  Elizabeth had so much fun, and loved the yellow canola so much, she wasn’t didn’t want to leave when we were done!

For those of you who are looking to update your family photos, I am starting to book fall sessions.  Please contact me for more information, and to book yours!

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Untitled-1 copy.jpg Sneak Peak.jpg

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Baboneau  034 copy.jpg

Baby Khyler | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I had such a wonderful afternoon, spending time with the newly expanded Lam Family. Newborn baby Khyler, at only 8 days old when I met him,  was so incredibly teeny, tiny!  He was quite a wonderful little sleeper while I was there too, which made him a dream to photograph.

It was wonderful to watch big brother Ethan, with his newborn baby brother!  He seemed amazed, yet slightly suspicious still of the newest addition to his family.  He was most definitely not interested in holding him, and quickly tried to pass him back to Mommy.  I have a feeling though that will quickly pass, and I am sure that in no time those two will be getting into all sorts of trouble together ;).

Congratulation Cathy & Richie on your newest little man!  Enjoy every, wonderful moment as a family of four!


newborn1.jpg IMG_6351 copy.jpg IMG_6425 copy.jpg IMG_6444 copy.jpg IMG_6497 copy.jpg Untitled-1 copy.jpg IMG_6604.jpg

Jennifer | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Every woman deserves to have fabulous photos of themselves, wedding dress not required.  It was for that very reason that Jen and I met up early one morning.  She was one fun, and gorgeous girl to photograph!  All smiles and ready for just about anything; she definitely made my job very easy ;)

nini2.jpg nini5.jpg nini6.jpg nini3.jpg nini4.jpg nini1.jpg

Also be sure to check me out on facebook at  I will be sharing sneak peaks from new sessions, as well as exciting news in the future.

Christina & Joe | Edmonton Couples Photographer

It isn’t very difficult to see, from watching these two together, how crazy they are about each other.  Her smile, and the way he looks into her eyes…they are definitely head-over-heels in love!   I was extremely blessed, to be able to spend an evening with just the two of them.  They were so incredibly relaxed, and simply enjoyed each and every moment that they were sharing together.  Christina looked absolutely stunning, and was willing to do whatever I suggested.  Which at one point included walking downhill, into a bunch of tree, in her heels, and getting eaten by mosquitos in the process.  For that I am extremely sorry, but I think we all agree it was worth it ;)

To both of you though, I wish you many years of smiles and love  ♥.